Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mother and Sons

So, today I had the prveledge of photographing a mother and her 2 young sons. A 2 year old and a year old. Very eloquent little boys I must say. It was fun for me. I got to chase them around and get them to squeel and smile. I came out with great images but here is my reflection:

*It was a bit chaotic. From my kids running up and down the stairs to trying to control the kids.
SOLUTION: Have a plan of action from where we are going to start and where we are going to finish
SOLUTION: Kick the kids out or make them stay downstairs and help them to understand how important it is.

*Mom seemed to be geting a bit frustrated and I am not sure if it was me or the kids. I just wanted her to feel comfortable in knowing they could just be them but I think she had certain expectations of the smiley pictures. I am not sure if she was hapy with the shoot but once she sees the images I know she will be pleased.
SOLUTION: Be more organized. Re assure mom that everything is ok and they are going to be great images whether they are smiling or not

*I did a much better job at talking to the kids more and getting them to pose less and I see how that worked in my favor. THey were a lot more natural and relaxed.

*I shot with the lens that came with the camera and i must say the images were pretty crisp. I WISH I had my 50 1.4 though.
SOLUTION: Rent one for this weekend..IMMEDIATELY